Advanced Dental Care in Elgin

In an effort to provide our patients with the most effective and gentle dental care possible, Dr. Ahmad and the Violet Creek Family Dentistry team use advanced technology to diagnose and treat your dental health issues.

Digital X-rays

Thanks to digital X-rays, we can get you a diagnosis and start treatment in the same appointment, making it easier on your schedule and budget!

Dr. Ahmad, your dentist in Elgin, uses digital X-rays to see what’s going on in your teeth and jawbone. Digital X-rays offer a number of benefits over traditional X-rays, including:

  • No sharp X-ray film.
  • Images are available immediately, allowing for faster diagnosis.
  • Up to 90% less radiation is emitted.

GALILEOS® Sirona 3D Imaging

The advanced GALILEOS® 3D X-ray imaging system is a true difference-maker for your dental health. GALILEOS provides precision you can rely on and gives us the ability to provide patients with diagnostic scans and treatment plans, a single imaging solution for the placement of dental implants, minimally-invasive and guided oral surgery, and natural-looking crowns. Our GALILEOS 3D machine lets you receive a number of advanced treatments right here in our office!

GALILEOS® Sirona 3D Imaging offers a number of benefits:

  • Single Solution for Dental Implants
  • Diagnostic Scans & Treatment Plans
  • Minimally-Invasive Guided Surgery
  • Accurate, Natural-Looking Crowns

Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera lets you see what we see when we look in your mouth. We’re able to take photos of your teeth and gums, and then use those photos to walk you through your diagnosis and your treatment plan. Intraoral cameras are a vital part of our patient education and help you develop better oral health habits in the long run.

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DryShield™ Dental Isolation System

With the revolutionary DryShield™ technology, high suction, saliva ejectors, bite blocks, and cotton rolls are things of the past! DryShield is a device that keeps your mouth dry so that water doesn’t go down your throat. It eliminates the risk of tongue or tissue damage while allowing your jaw to rest comfortably. Best of all, the DryShield technology can shorten your appointment time!

Crowns in One Visit with CEREC®

If you have about an hour to spare, you can fix cracked or broken teeth with a crown and get your beautiful smile back! The advanced CEREC technology lets us create, mold, and place crowns in just one visit to our office!

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